Animal Print Nail

Animal print nails are so popular in art and design. The nail polish is put on as the base and the art and design is topped off, creating a glamour, sparkle, and zest when glossed and finished. The animal print nails are whatever you choose to do manually or professionally, but have become so popular by design and choice.

Cute Nails Designs

Cute nails designs have three major choices like long, medium, and short. Long nail design usually made of acrylic. It will last for a long time but you need to do a good care. It may make you have difficulties in doing your thing but this kind of design is very suitable for special occasion like Halloween party. Cute nails designs will look natural if you do not have to use glue to stick fake nail designs. Natural long nail will look stunning if you just design the tip with various ideas but let the rest polished. Find the best theme for your long cute nails designs.

Purple Nails

Purple nails that you obtained after hitting the door is very ugly. You can make your precious nail into purple by having the perfect polish. There are various brands out there with the best purple color. You can try to have purple from China Glaze brand. This brand has various purple like grape purple, funky purple nails, spontaneous, courage, and more. If you want to have pink and purple nails, try Chanel nail polish. Dark purple look like black though it is actually purple. Try mixing one or two purple color tones to have perfect and distinguished color for your nail. This will make you have nice purple nails ever.